Crappy Concepts Confounding Co-op

Crappy Concepts Confounding Co-op A few years ago, I was in a great relationship with someone who played games, so we did a lot of co-op gaming.  It was a large part of the relationship until her raging alcoholism came back and ruined everything.  On the other hand, my son was reaching the age where he could … Continue reading Crappy Concepts Confounding Co-op


Halo 5 is Apparently a Metroid Crossover.

                  Seriously, look at this shit.  The only thing missing is the shoulder balls.  I know there's only so many different kinds of fancy armors that any artist can come up with, but... Wait, no, there's tons of different kinds of armor designs... So why does it … Continue reading Halo 5 is Apparently a Metroid Crossover.