In the darkness, and in the night. ‘Round three o’clock I feel a fright. I hear it not, yet there it is, My eyes remain closed through most of this. The window open, Outside darkness floats. Leaves don’t rustle, Frogs don’t croak. Sleeping, though I wish I was Somewhat awake I have become. An urge … Continue reading 3:00

Redbubble Shop

The more I think about terms like "nerd" and "geek," the more I hate them.  Bear with me in that I grew up in an era where these were still insults.  Actually, "geek" really wasn't used at all where I lived.  But "nerd" did, and it was not used kindly.  So, the old name of … Continue reading Redbubble Shop

The Vicious Cycle of a Nintendo Console (Part 2 of 2)

Nintendo’s third party woes are heavily their fault, unfortunately heavily the fault of the fans (who damage third party confidence), but hardly the fault of the third parties themselves—although they can be rightly blamed for occasional laziness.

The Vicious Cycle of a Nintendo Console (Part 1 of 2)

Ever since the N64 era, third party support has been pretty bad for Nintendo.

Buying Random — Games: Episode I

At some point in our lives, pretty much all of us develop a security blanket for something. In gaming, it’s when a gamer clings hard to specific franchises or genres afraid to try anything else out there.