Rant: Have Gamers Become a Bunch of Babies?

...that which cannot handle criticism, needs it the most.


Simple Atheism IV: Skepticism

Ahhh skepticism! I’ve previously noted that atheism is a pretty simple concept—it’s just not accepting a belief in a deity. And in that, a person may actually believe any number of other, often equally absurd nonsense. However, one does not come to the “atheism conclusion” by easily believing in various kinds of silliness willy-nilly. At … Continue reading Simple Atheism IV: Skepticism

Where Video Games Fail the Hardest

I'm a few blogs into this debacle now to the point that it should be pretty obvious where some of my interests lie.  Apparently video games and atheism--but I'm still expanding on this.  Atheism, for instance, is less important to me than scientific skepticism--atheism is just a result of the skepticism.  That (perhaps unnecessarily) noted, … Continue reading Where Video Games Fail the Hardest

Simple Atheism II: Fear

Nothing says “I don’t actually know and I don’t want to know” like having both a fear of “I don’t know” combined with a supernatural explanation. Not only doesn’t this person know, but they’ll accept magic as the answer.

Play Bad Games

At one point, I started chronicling some of my random video game purchases on a video game news site.  I do this to show how well it can work out and how many great experiences I’ve discovered merely by purchasing a game essentially blindly.  I am a big proponent of playing fair and credit where … Continue reading Play Bad Games

Opinions Are Not Equal

Kill someone, save a life Don't do drugs, drink all night Worship Jesus, praise Satan Opinions are all contradictions ~Burst, by Anthrax, from Sound of White Noise  I’m going to do us all a favor.  I’m going to help us look, maybe even be, smarter.  As has become my way, this might be a bit of a tirade, … Continue reading Opinions Are Not Equal

A Zombie Apocalypse is a (Very) Temporary Event

Do you love apocalyptic stories?  How about the zombie apocalypse?  I’m pretty sure you do since these things are horrifying and morbid and people love that shit.  Also the Walking Dead seems to routinely set new records for viewership on cable.  Perhaps it’s ironic in that people will watch cable shows about the dead instead … Continue reading A Zombie Apocalypse is a (Very) Temporary Event

Is Being “Cinematic” a Faulty Goal in Gaming?

Cinematic – (Adj) – of or pertaining to or characteristic of the cinema   Do you like cinematic video games?  Do you think video games should work towards being cinematic?  Or should I word this more accurately…?  Do you want to watch your video games, or do you want to be involved with your interactive media? I have come … Continue reading Is Being “Cinematic” a Faulty Goal in Gaming?