In the darkness, and in the night. ‘Round three o’clock I feel a fright. I hear it not, yet there it is, My eyes remain closed through most of this. The window open, Outside darkness floats. Leaves don’t rustle, Frogs don’t croak. Sleeping, though I wish I was Somewhat awake I have become. An urge … Continue reading 3:00


Rant: Have Gamers Become a Bunch of Babies?

...that which cannot handle criticism, needs it the most.

Why Fan Requests Get Ignored (And Usually Should Be)

    Are you a fan of stuff?  Of course you are.  Have you ever had “great” ideas for that stuff?  Of course you have.  Maybe you had ideas for storylines in some TV series, or ideas for sequels to movies, or remakes of movies.  You’ve wanted a favorite company to behave a certain way, … Continue reading Why Fan Requests Get Ignored (And Usually Should Be)

How to Fix the Metroid Franchise

There are a few things to which I am a huge fan--dare I say, a fanboy.  The classic, original Twilight Zone TV series from the 60's.  Vintage EC horror comics--Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, etc.  Maybe Star Trek.  Certainly the game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.  The Contra and Resident Evil video game franchises. … Continue reading How to Fix the Metroid Franchise