Simple Atheism IV: Skepticism

Ahhh skepticism! I’ve previously noted that atheism is a pretty simple concept—it’s just not accepting a belief in a deity. And in that, a person may actually believe any number of other, often equally absurd nonsense. However, one does not come to the “atheism conclusion” by easily believing in various kinds of silliness willy-nilly. At … Continue reading Simple Atheism IV: Skepticism


Simple Atheism III: What It Is Not

The point is, if god is real, I think it can be proven. Either we don’t have the method to prove it now, or we do and there is nothing to prove.

Simple Atheism II: Fear

Nothing says “I don’t actually know and I don’t want to know” like having both a fear of “I don’t know” combined with a supernatural explanation. Not only doesn’t this person know, but they’ll accept magic as the answer.

Opinions Are Not Equal

Kill someone, save a life Don't do drugs, drink all night Worship Jesus, praise Satan Opinions are all contradictions ~Burst, by Anthrax, from Sound of White Noise  I’m going to do us all a favor.  I’m going to help us look, maybe even be, smarter.  As has become my way, this might be a bit of a tirade, … Continue reading Opinions Are Not Equal