Warm Fuzzy Cynical Comics #4



In the darkness, and in the night. ‘Round three o’clock I feel a fright. I hear it not, yet there it is, My eyes remain closed through most of this. The window open, Outside darkness floats. Leaves don’t rustle, Frogs don’t croak. Sleeping, though I wish I was Somewhat awake I have become. An urge … Continue reading 3:00

Redbubble Shop

The more I think about terms like "nerd" and "geek," the more I hate them.  Bear with me in that I grew up in an era where these were still insults.  Actually, "geek" really wasn't used at all where I lived.  But "nerd" did, and it was not used kindly.  So, the old name of … Continue reading Redbubble Shop