Nintendo’s Single Biggest Problem

  When I was a kid, I could have possibly been considered a Nintendo fanboy.  However, even firmly entrenched in the Nintendo camp, I was still a huge admirer of other games and consoles, particularly Sega.  I had long admired and wanted the TurboGrafx-16 and Neo-Geo AES as well, and the first games I played … Continue reading Nintendo’s Single Biggest Problem


Simple Atheism III: What It Is Not

The point is, if god is real, I think it can be proven. Either we don’t have the method to prove it now, or we do and there is nothing to prove.

Simple Atheism II: Fear

Nothing says “I don’t actually know and I don’t want to know” like having both a fear of “I don’t know” combined with a supernatural explanation. Not only doesn’t this person know, but they’ll accept magic as the answer.

Halo 5 is Apparently a Metroid Crossover.

                  Seriously, look at this shit.  The only thing missing is the shoulder balls.  I know there's only so many different kinds of fancy armors that any artist can come up with, but... Wait, no, there's tons of different kinds of armor designs... So why does it … Continue reading Halo 5 is Apparently a Metroid Crossover.

Play Bad Games

At one point, I started chronicling some of my random video game purchases on a video game news site.  I do this to show how well it can work out and how many great experiences I’ve discovered merely by purchasing a game essentially blindly.  I am a big proponent of playing fair and credit where … Continue reading Play Bad Games