Simple Atheism Part I: The Introduction

 You might have noticed a change in the world where “belief” is concerned.  Atheism, “agnosticism,” and the numbers of irreligious are on the rise.  There’s likely any number of reasons for this, but technology and a gradual evolving of the human being are probably the biggest causes.  After all, now it takes mere seconds to … Continue reading Simple Atheism Part I: The Introduction


Opinions Are Not Equal

Kill someone, save a life Don't do drugs, drink all night Worship Jesus, praise Satan Opinions are all contradictions ~Burst, by Anthrax, from Sound of White Noise  I’m going to do us all a favor.  I’m going to help us look, maybe even be, smarter.  As has become my way, this might be a bit of a tirade, … Continue reading Opinions Are Not Equal

A Zombie Apocalypse is a (Very) Temporary Event

Do you love apocalyptic stories?  How about the zombie apocalypse?  I’m pretty sure you do since these things are horrifying and morbid and people love that shit.  Also the Walking Dead seems to routinely set new records for viewership on cable.  Perhaps it’s ironic in that people will watch cable shows about the dead instead … Continue reading A Zombie Apocalypse is a (Very) Temporary Event

Is Being “Cinematic” a Faulty Goal in Gaming?

Cinematic – (Adj) – of or pertaining to or characteristic of the cinema   Do you like cinematic video games?  Do you think video games should work towards being cinematic?  Or should I word this more accurately…?  Do you want to watch your video games, or do you want to be involved with your interactive media? I have come … Continue reading Is Being “Cinematic” a Faulty Goal in Gaming?

  Have you ever watched a movie and wondered about the terrifying implications of the cloning procedures seen therein?  Have you ever wondered how the hell the Predator ever built such advanced technology when it's vision is limited to the infrared spectrum?  Have you ever played Mass Effect and tried to imagine how any of … Continue reading